Friday, January 10, 2014

Thoughtful donors offer shampoo, soap and other necessities to Our Community Food Pantry by Justin Welch, Board Chairman

Every now and then I get amazed by the kindness of those that I come into contact with as a chiropractor. While talking with a patient one afternoon, it came out that I am on the board of directors of the local food pantry. She mentioned that she knits with a group of women and that some of these women travel often for business, and that they are always put up in hotels. These women make a point to take the free little bottles of shampoos, conditioners, soaps and the other miscellaneous items that are put out for guests. They make a point to pack these things in their suitcases, fly back home and bring them to the food pantry. These women often donate food, but they realize that while food is certainly important for those in need, other things are also necessary, such as shampoo and soap.  If a family doesn’t have to buy soap because someone thought enough to donate some for them they can use that money to instead buy food to feed their family.  

While Our Community Food Pantry is primarily in the business of providing food to those in need, the pantry and its families can benefit from other items that are given, and it is really amazing to know that there are people out there who realize this and go out of their way to help.