Who We Serve

We are set up to serve residents of Southwick, Granville and Tolland; on a monthly basis. We do not send people away hungry, but we are limited in the support we can give to non-residents.  

To become a client we will need to see the following;

1. Proof of Residence (current ID with the correct address, registration, a rental agreement, or a utility bill showing your name will be accepted).

2. Proof of Income.
3. Date of birth for all household members.

Our various funding requires us to collect statistical data on family size, nationality, etc.  All information is kept confidential.  

Food is distributed based on family size, according to the chart below.

The Many Faces of Hunger from Terra Americana on Vimeo.

There are many faces of hunger in our Community. They are Young, Old, White, Hispanic, African American, Asian, Eastern European. They are your neighbors.  Feeding America estimates 1 in 6 Americans will seek food assistance this year.  The reasons are many.  Some are without food due to the loss of a job. Others need assistance due to illness.  No one is immune to the prospect of poverty.  It can last a day.  It can last years.